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Believe In Your Potential

Believe In Your Potential

Negative thoughts and self-talks are always easy to reach. On the other hand, it’s human nature to doubt yourself while in hard times. For this reason, it is very important to find ways to actively believe in your potential. 
An effective way to do this is to practice and analyze your accomplishments, to help yourself knowing how your skills and talents have played a role in your achievements. Every good habit used while achieving past success has empowered you to get where you are today.  
This practice will just confirm how good you are and help you beating any doubting mindset as once you believe in your potential, you will be able to faster your impact and achieve even greater successes. 

1. Identify the right things you’re doing 
Scientists say we have around 60,000 thoughts a day where 80% of which are negative ones. To get over these thoughts, you can right down on paper an outline of your professional journey and notice what skills and talents have enabled the 20% of positive thoughts and successes. Find specific words that reflect the positive in you and the good aspects of your personality.  These are your main strengths and a part of what’s helped move you from a position to another in your career. They’ve played a role in growing professional relationships and achievements. 

2. Influence your strengths
After realizing that the above strengths played a role in achieving the past successes with people over the years, it’s very important to leverage this gift. Start taking your relationships with others much more seriously than just for granted. Try to practice all your good habits and disciplines around effective communication, which can hardly secure solid relationships.  

3. Minimize your weaknesses
While uncovering and optimizing your strengths, you will also become aware of your weaknesses. Then, it’s essential that you accept the fact that we all have weaknesses, and that knowing them is an important part of this process. As a leader, your aim is to minimize them because you don’t want them to impact others. 
This isn’t easy, but a simple exercise is to get out of the situation for 5 minutes to drink a cup of water, do the deep breathing exercise, or feel the space you need to cool down.