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Signs of a Good Relationship

Signs of a Good Relationship

8 signs of a good relationship:

1. You’re not afraid that the partner is going to do something awful and will hurt you.

2. You know very clearly whether your are into each other.
It doesn’t need any assumptions; Actions and words show how the other really feels about you.

3. You ‘re not waiting for a future change.Maybe one day she will listen more, he will drink less,etc. In good relationships, you are thankful and satisfied.

4. You don’t complain to your friends about him/her. When you’re in a healthy relationship, you don’t have hours of discussion with your friends about the way she/he deals with certain situations.
5. You can be completely honest with her/him without feeling like he/she’s going to judge you.

6. You’re comfortable talking about the future without being worried and confused with the “break-up” thing.

7. Your friends love him/her a lot! They are not just glad he/she makes you happy. They love your partner and they’re so excited for you together.

8. If he/she doesn’t text you back right away, you don’t get worried, you don’t even think about it. Furthermore,you don’t create a scenario based on specific assumptions.