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How to market your business on social media during the Coronavirus

How to market your business on social media during the Coronavirus

Although many companies are shutting down their business during the Coronavirus outbreak, we can still be active on social media and digital platforms, to keep our customers engaged and interested in our products and services, even if we cannot sell them at the time being.
We’re watching the closing of hundreds of businesses every day, but let’s look at this period from a different perspective. It’s not a vacation, nor a dead season.
Now, it’s time to review our business and marketing strategies. It’s time to review our success stories and failures. It’s time to do some reports, that we usually miss, or we do not have time for them.
Today is a chance to look at our business and think of how we can make it better.
As many people are saying: there is nothing we can do right now, but we can keep the business in the face of our customers and people, in general, every day.
Here are some tips on how we can benefit from our time at home to keep our people engaged and interested in our solutions:
Review your Story.
Think about what type of content you’re sharing with your customers during these difficult times. How can you help people, or what information you can share to serve them in their uncertain times?

Look at everyone, especially your customers, as influencers.
Since many events and sponsorships are canceled, Influencer marketing is changing; and the focus is going more into the “micro-influencers”.
Although we see fewer business activities on social media, the engagement of the online posts is higher than normal, as most of the people are spending their time in physical isolation, surfing online channels, websites and apps.
Stay connected online. Micro-influencers voices will be even more important as friends and family members.
Create online programs that might get your followers' interests.
Many people are joining online sessions and courses to develop their skills. Benefit from this period and promote online services to attract both existing and new customers to increase sales and engagement.

Future activities.
After reviewing your brand story, connecting with people, and hearing their needs, start planning for the “after-coronavirus” period. Think of how you’re gonna connect with people after this crisis, and what are the campaigns and promotions that you will run, considering all that people went through. There are plenty of ideas we can do, but we need the time to think and plan for the future.

In the end, remember that people have needs and problems that they want to solve, and this is why businesses are there. If you’re not giving people solutions yet, then it’s time to change the story.

By Elie Sarkis, Digital Marketing Strategist & Consultant