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The Biggest Benefits of eLearning

The Biggest Benefits of eLearning

When books are gradually getting replaced by electronic educational materials, that’s what we call “E-Learning”. E-learning or online learning, is the acquisition of knowledge with the help of electronic resources, conducted on the Internet, where students can access their learning materials online anywhere, at the same or different times. (24/7)

Why E-Learning? 

The spread of COVID-19 has led to the closure of educational institutions all over the world; individuals are not able to make it for classes in a traditional way. Below we'll discuss some of the benefits this exciting education provides to its students.

1. E-Learning saves time and cost

Students are not tied down to a fixed schedule, they have the freedom to study anytime they want. In a traditional classroom setting, students have no power over this, forcing them to work their schedules around these dates; however online learning gives them power over how they will assign their time towards their studies.

In addition, this type of education can cost less, due to a variety of reasons, such as less educational materials, tools, transportation…

2. E-Learning leads to a better retention

Traditional offline courses struggle to retain students throughout the length of the course. Rather, online courses have increased student retention rates from anything from 25% to 60% since courses are shorter, the content tends to be more engaging due to multimedia, and the student has more flexibility. (Studies from “The Research Institute of America”)

It is proved that the human brain can easily remember and relate to what is seen and heard via moving pictures or videos, holding the attention of the student for longer periods.

3. E-Learning accommodates everyone’s needs

It is considered as best suited for everyone. Online educational courses can be accessed and shared by anyone and through the time that suits them depending on their availability and comfort. 

4. Lectures can be taken any number of times

Students have access to the content an unlimited number of times. This is especially required if the student wasn’t able to attend a specific class or during a revision, when preparing for an exam.


The ongoing coronavirus pandemic has forced the educational sector to shift to online learning. Those were four main advantages of online learning that made student life easier during this pandemic.