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Tips To Grab The Attention Of Christmas Last-Minute Shoppers

Tips To Grab The Attention Of Christmas Last-Minute Shoppers

Every year, people wait until the last minute to do their Christmas shopping; but once again, it's the perfect time for business owners to get ready the week before Christmas for the last-minute shoppers. Check out these effective tips that will help you grab the attention of your last-minute shoppers.

  1. Choose your Christmas Promotions
    For most online retailers, social media is a place to develop your relationships with potential and current customers; this time, it’s about attracting the last-minute shoppers. There’s always a big increase in search traffic, the week before Christmas, for the following words “Christmas gifts”, “Holiday gifts”, “gifts ideas” and many more… 
    So, create product gift bundles, share them on your social media platforms/website and invest in PPC Ad Campaigns. (Google Ads)

  2. Retarget Previous Customers:
    Retargeting Campaign is the process of finding people who've visited your website and then using their data to target them in your upcoming campaigns; usually running these advertising campaigns is to target those people and convince them to head back to your website. So, in case a person once visited or even purchased from your website, you will be able to retarget them during your holiday promotions.

  3. Promote it to a New Audience:
    Your goal is to appeal all last-minute shoppers, not only your previous customers. In addition to the campaigns discussed previously, it’s very important to promote your products to a wider audience; it is done by targeting a new audience showing interest in the categories of products offered, in Christmas, in Christmas gifts, online shopping and more. 
    New audience, new visitors, new customers; that’s how it goes!

  4. Offer Christmas Discount Vouchers:
    “Enter our XXXX discount code at checkout to enjoy huge savings on your Christmas purchase”. Isn’t it a good idea to redirect people to your website and let them shop just by providing them a discount? This is an additional tip you can implement in your Christmas plan to attract more and more people.

Get more sales this Christmas by following our Digital Marketing tips! All the best!