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A Great Customer Service, A Powerful Marketing Tool

A Great Customer Service, A Powerful Marketing Tool

Building a strong customer service strategy helps the business develop a loyal customer experience. The importance of online customer service can never be underestimated because it takes years to build a brand reputation and one minute to ruin it; and sometimes a poor customer experience can ruin an entire business.

Online Customer Service is defined as the service that assists customers online, via phone calls, live chats, social media platforms or emails while trying to deliver prompt customer support, address customer concerns in real time and solve issues.
A great customer service could become your most powerful marketing tool when you follow the below tips:

  1. Service Speed: The main reason for which live chat is preferred is that customers can benefit from the support available on your website and do not require to leave for any assistance on phone, email or social media. Always offer real time convenience; don’t let your customers wait too much.
  2. Follow up: Effective follow-up helps you better understand your customers' needs, and helps you remain top of mind when customers have a need that you can fulfill while giving you the opportunity to build relationships that could lead to additional sales in the future.
  3. Customer Review: Use an appropriate way to respond to your customers, be respectful, personalize the response and try to solve the issue especially in case it was a negative feedback.
  4. FAQ: It's normal for your customers to have recurring questions; to avoid repetitive answers, establish an FAQ on your website with the frequently asked questions along with their answers.  

Let your Online Customer Service be a powerful Marketing tool with Intoact International.