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Emojis On Social Media

Emojis On Social Media

According to several studies, 92% of the online population are using emojis, which makes sense for marketers to get in on the action. That’s why businesses all over the world tend to use emojis to spice up their social media content and interact with their followers.

First of all, emojis give your communication a more friendly approach. For some businesses, using emojis isn’t professional and customer communications might feel cutting edge but that is not always the case since emojis convey emotions and they will help in clarifying the intention behind the message.

Second, emojis when applied correctly, create a feeling of warmth and familiarity with the audience; they will help in delivering your message in a smooth way without making the audience feel that you are bothered when answering their questions.

However, emojis should always be an extension of your message, and as such, they should never feel forced because your audience could get a serious case of emoji overload. So if you might feel unprofessional, don’t use them, specially if there’s a chance that someone might feel offended; for example, misusing an emoji in Dubai can land you in court in case it affects the Dubai community.

Yes, emojis are indeed fun to use and can add a lot to your posts and conversations, but it is wrong to be using them as the central piece of your content or message. So always work on enhancing your image with emojis and if you can’t find the right emoji you need for a certain message, then maybe you don’t need one.