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How to Avoid Getting Banned on Instagram

How to Avoid Getting Banned on Instagram

Nowadays, there are chances that people or online shops get their Instagram signup temporarily blocked or disabled from performing activities; while there are so many reasons why Instagram suddenly disables your account, the few most common reasons are as follows:

  1. Do not mass follow: It might result from aggressive activities such as following and unfollowing users soon after following them.

  2. Do not post content that violates Instagram copyrights: Your Instagram account can also get disabled or permanently deleted by Instagram for posting copyrighted material without permission; so if you post pictures from Google or any other platform without giving credits to the owner, you will get banned.

  3. Do not open your account from different IP addresses and devices: Instagram will detect an unusual activity from your account, and might disable your activities for a while.

  4. Do not spam-comment or spam-like: Another reason why your account can get banned on Instagram can be due to liking, sending DMs, and commenting in short period of time.

In case you faced this issue, all you have to do is to formally request Instagram and send them an appeal to go over your case and find an effective solution.