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First Steps in Conflict Resolution

First Steps in Conflict Resolution

Managing and resolving conflicts can start with the following:

1. Make the good relationship a priority: treat and communicate with respect and do your best to discuss things constructively.

2. Listen carefully to the interests of others. You’ll get a better understanding of their point of vue and the reason behind every action and decision. Ask for each person’s viewpoint, and confirm that you need his or her cooperation to solve the problem.

3. Distinct people and problems: Recognize that real differences can lie behind conflicting positions. By separating the problem from the person, you can discuss issues without damaging relationships.

4. Listen first: You should listen to what the other person before defending your own position. They might say something that changes your mind.

5. Explore options together. Be open to the idea that a third position may exist, and that you might reach it jointly.
*Source: Inspired from Mind Tools