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Generating Leads Online within 4 Tactics

Generating Leads Online within 4 Tactics

This blog is dedicated to all marketers, freelancers and small business owners with the aim of helping them get started with a successful online marketing plan. These are 4 techniques you should use to generate leads online and work on converting them into customers!

  • Landing pages: A fully planned and organized landing page makes the visitor take action; it must contain a headline, subheadings, appealing design (images, colors, fonts), calls to action, hyperlinks and contact forms.
  • Webinar: Hosting a free webinar from time to time is an ideal way to get new leads; you will be able to capture the data of interested people, to target them with messages later on.
  • Social Media competitions: Launching competitions online offer a great opportunity to get the data of potential customers; all you have to do is to organize a contest and ask people to submit their emails and other details if needed.
  • Email Marketing campaigns: You can use the database generated from the previous techniques and try to reach out to them through newsletters with calls to action so that they can complete a desired action.