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Instagram Guides: Deliver Your Content in a Creative Way

Instagram Guides: Deliver Your Content in a Creative Way

Guide is one of Instagram’s latest features. It is a user-friendly, interactive and most of all a creative way to share several type of content with your audience. To deliver this type of content successfully, here are some ideas for you to start:

  • Create a gift guide: Looking for gifts ideas? A guide is one of the best options to provide your audience with gift ideas.
  • Compile a list of tips: All posts featuring a different tip can be gathered in a guide.
  • Provide step-by-step instructions: This type actually is the most savable and sharable; if you provide people with the effective instructions for an appealing subject, then you’re on the right track.
  • Product Highlights: Gathering your products in guides through different categories to facilitate the shopping experience of your customers.
  • Travel Guides: Sharing the best activities to be done in a country, a list of the best hotels, restaurants…

Instagram Guides

It is essential to diversify your content creation. Do not always go for normal posts or videos, try to enlarge the variety of your content on Instagram using IGTVs, Guides, Reels and more.