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Black Friday Digital Marketing Ideas

Black Friday Digital Marketing Ideas

Let’s start by saying that everyone waits for BLACK FRIDAY.
To drive effective campaigns and make your ad spend work harder, here’s how you can maximize your efforts:

  • Create a Landing Page for Your Black Friday Deals: While creating a landing page for your Black Friday, you’re adding all of the important details about the online event while getting organic reach. You can add a glimpse of the deals, the countdown till the start of the sales and more.

  • Run a Pre-Launch Reach Campaign on Facebook & Instagram: Reach a larger audience and therefore more sales in the launching period.

  • Count Down to the Sale With Content on Facebook and Instagram: Create 5 daily countdown posts to be shared regularly in the pre-launch period to drive organic engagement; you can add as well, “Tag a friend who needs to see this!” to inform everyone about your Black Friday Deals.

  • Run a Conversions Campaign on Facebook and Instagram on Black Friday Launching Date till the End: Set the duration, budget and target audience and run your Conversions Campaigns. In this campaign, all you have to do is to target various categories of people in various ad sets:
    - Your website visitors within the last 120 days (Custom Audience), and this is called a Remarketing Campaign.
    - Your customer list (Custom Audience).
    - Everyone who engaged with your Facebook and Instagram pages in the last 30 days (Custom Audience), and this as well a Remarketing Campaign, targeting people that interacted with your countdown posts before the Black Friday deals.
    - Finally, you can create an additional ad set for the engaged shoppers that usually take action and purchase.

Black Friday happens once per year, so get ready to rock it this season with this good strategy offered by our experts! And if you’re interested in learning more about the Campaigns objectives and target audiences, check out our Social Media for Business Live Training!