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Body Language...How does it work?

Body Language...How does it work?

How many times you just couldn’t believe someone because of his head shake or eyes darting?

Body language is a very important part of communication which can constitute 50% or more of what we are communicating. It’s a non-verbal communication which can reflect quite accurately what’s going on inside us. If you wish to communicate well, then it makes sense to understand how to use your body, movements, gestures and facial expressions.

The brain communicates through our bodies precisely the true sentiments that we feel and orchestrates accurate corresponding nonverbal displays.
For example, when we see someone we really like, our eyebrows arches defying gravity, our facial muscles relaxes, and our arms become more flexible to welcome this person. In the presence of someone we love, we will mirror their behavior, tilt our heads, and blood will flow to our lips making them full, even as our pupils dilate.

Body Language can be a very effective way to determine how others feel about us and evaluate how a relationship is evolving. People sense that something is wrong in a relationship due to the changes in body language displays. Couples who no longer touch or walk close together are easy to spot but sometimes the more subtle behaviors are even more accurate. An example of this is when couples touch each other with their fingertips rather than their full hand (distancing behavior) indicative of psychological divscomfort. This behavior alone may portend serious problems in the relationship that on the surface may not be so obvious.

And so while, there are many aspects of nonverbal communications and body language, focusing on comfort and discomfort can go a long way in helping us to see more clearly what others are truly feeling, thinking, fearing or desiring. Having that extra insight gives us a more honest appraisal of others and it will in the end assist us in communicating more effectively for a deeper understanding.