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Why You Need to Add a Blog to Your Website

Why You Need to Add a Blog to Your Website

A blog is a collection of articles published on a website from newest to oldest. In this article, we will go over why you would need to add a blog to your website.

1. Reduces Administrative Overhead Costs: If you’re providing any product or service, you’re answering lots of questions! Write a blog with a specific topic that answers your audience's questions, invite them to read the article. Potential customers will have the same sorts of questions, so you’ll attract people who need this help too.

2. Helps Establish Authority: Every time you share an article in your blog, you’re providing new information to your visitors and the more relevant informative your visitors find your website, the more authoritative you sound.

3. Improves Your Website Ranking: It facilitates SEO practices, because each time you publish an article on your website, you’re giving Google and other search engines more content to index so you can increase your opportunities to catch more leads.

4. Drives Traffic: Every time you have the traffic coming to your website from your blog, you have a chance to convert that traffic into a potential lead.

Keep in mind that every blog should include visuals with Alt text and internal links to drive more traffic to other pages on your website; like “Click Here” to submit your Digital Marketing inquiry!