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6 Ways to Optimize Facebook Ads

6 Ways to Optimize Facebook Ads

Are Facebook ads working for you?
Get the best ads performance by making sure they target the right audience. 
You can find below 5 ways to start optimizing your Facebook advertisements.

1. Keep Mobile and Desktop Placements Separate.
Separate the ad sets for mobile and desktop. Facebook ads are likely to perform differently on desktop and mobile, and any campaign setup should consider that.

2. Use Different Ads Images
Images are the first element people see before deciding whether to click a post or not. Add different images while creating an Ad and find out which one is taking the highest number of engagements and conversions. 

3. Choose a Call to Action
Always select a call to action in your ads. They can have a remarkable impact in the Click-through rate and the conversion rate. 
The call to action buttons are located in the Ad Setup menu: 
Book Now, Download, Learn More, Shop Now, Sign Up, etc.

4.Segment Audiences Into Ad Sets
Define your audience and divide it into ad sets. Each ad set should have the same topic. For example, if your target audience is Digital Marketing, many ad sets can be created: 

Ad Set 1: 
•    “Social Media Marketing” that include the interests below: 
Facebook Ads, Facebook Marketing, Twitter Ads, Facebook Marketing Solutions, etc.

Ad Set 2: 
•    “Adwords” including the following target interests: 
Adwords, Google Adwords, Adwords Expert, etc. 

Ad Set 3:
•    “Online Marketing” including:
Digital Marketing, Online Marketing, Marketing Online, e-Marketing
This segmentation allows you to optimize based on the interests you have selected and create targeted ads focusing on the topic you are sharing. 

5. Target by Behaviors or Income
Many businesses use Facebook ads to target interests exclusively. However, “Behaviors” and “Income” can sometimes do the job successfully. 
Some companies sell expensive products so they can simply target the richest portion of the population as Facebook can target people based on their annual income. 
To target by Income, you need to access “More Demographics” in the Ad Set settings and click on Income to select the income target. 
As for the targeting by Behavior, it’s very useful as companies can target specific operating system (Android vs Apple users), Browsers (Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer), etc. This can be done in the Ad Set settings as well. 
There are many other targeting options you can use. Try the ones that are most relevant to your business and keep in mind that a successful ad structure should be as segmented as possible.

6. Target an Email List
Facebook allows advertisers to create a custom audience based on their database and email lists. What you have to do is to create a .csv or .txt file that includes one email per row and excludes any other data. Once you have the file, click Audiences - Create Audience - Custom Audience 
Once done, click on Customer List and upload your list.
Keep in mind that you can also upload a list of phone numbers and then target those people in Facebook ads. The process is basically the same as the one described above.