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How to Make your Reels Stand Out!

How to Make your Reels Stand Out!

Reels have taken the social media world by storm! With their ability to entertain, educate, and introduce us to new brands and products, they've become an indispensable tool in the world of content creation. However, they all have one thing in common: a unique way of communicating that is entertaining, easy to understand, and relatable. It is called the "language of reels."

Below, we will provide you with proven steps and tips to enhance your reels, whether you are using them as an ad format or simply posting them.

1-The perfect size for a reel is 9:16
Reels are an immersive, full-screen video format. You can use your video with audio and resize it to 9:16.

2-Include your message in a place where it is readable
Avoid text overlapping on your reel, keep the bottom 35 percent of your 9:16 free from text, logos, and other essential elements such as CTA.
Elie Sarkis Reel Example

3-Make sure to use audio with your reel
Choose between, music, voiceover, or sound effects to add to your reel as audio plays a vital role in enhancing engagement and entertainment on reels.
Remember: More than 80 percent of Instagram reels are viewed with sound on.

4-Grab the attention by creating captivating hooks
Encourage viewers to continue watching by creating captivating hooks such as  "Here is the secret to.. "  "Watch what happens if.. "
" You need to hear this.. " these are a few examples of captivating hooks.

5-Include a human element in your reels
Reel ads featuring a human presence in the creative, such as a face, person, or child, experienced a 27% higher click-through rate (CTR) compared to those without.

6-Use audio and text together to reinforce ideas clearly
Combine voiceover and text to strengthen key brand and product takeaways. Text stickers provide an effective way to end your reel with a strong call to action. Over 65% of reels use text stickers to overlay text onto the video.

In addition, it is highly recommended to incorporate the reels placement into your current campaigns, leveraging Advantage+ placements or placement optimization with six or more placements. Ready to master the art of reels? Start creating captivating content and watch your engagement grow!