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Enhancing Your PPC Strategy: 5 Google Analytics Reports You Shouldn't Overlook

Enhancing Your PPC Strategy: 5 Google Analytics Reports You Shouldn't Overlook

In the fast-paced world of digital marketing, staying ahead of the curve is essential. Google Analytics 4 (GA4) has brought significant changes, challenging even the most seasoned marketers who've relied on Google Universal Analytics for over a decade. The transition might be tough, but it's time to embrace the new and navigate the evolving landscape of data analysis. In this article, we introduce you to five invaluable GA4 reports that can help you make more informed decisions and supercharge your PPC campaigns.


1. Interests Segment Report

With Google Ads keyword match types evolving and close variations becoming more prominent, understanding your target audience's behavior is crucial. The Interests segment report (formerly "In-Market Segments" in Universal Analytics) can provide these insights. To find it in GA4, navigate to Reports > User > Demographic details, and select Interests from the dropdown menu. This report reveals the Interest segments of users who have made purchases on your website. Use it to:

Segment past purchasers to identify relevant Interest segments.

Sort by revenue or conversion rate.

Incorporate relevant Interest segments into your Google Ads campaigns.

Create new PPC campaigns targeting specific segments.

2. Site Search Report

The Site Search report is a treasure trove of information, not just for PPC but for overall website optimization. By examining how users search for content on your site, you can:

Refine your keyword strategy.

Expand your keyword lists based on real user behavior.

Identify discrepancies between expected and actual search behavior.

Find this report under Reports > Engagement > Events, and look for "view_search_results."

3. Referrals Report

Often overlooked, the Referrals report reveals the top websites sending traffic to your site and whether those visitors convert. To locate it, go to Reports > Acquisition > Traffic Acquisition and add "Session source/medium" to your channel group. This report helps you:

Identify where users are discovering your site.

Analyze the quality of referral traffic.

Create a list of top referral websites.

Consider creating a "Placements" audience for Google Ads Display campaigns to efficiently expand your PPC efforts.

4. Top Conversion Paths Report

Leadership often wants to know how top-of-funnel (TOF) campaigns, such as brand awareness efforts, are performing. The Top Conversion Paths report provides insights into these campaigns' effectiveness. To access it, go to Advertising > Attribution > Conversion paths and apply filters. This report can help you:

Determine the number of touchpoints before conversion.

Analyze complex user journeys involving multiple channels.

Report on conversions based on attribution models.

By using this report, you can gather valuable data to support requests for additional marketing budget in TOF channels.

5. Geo-Location Report

Geo-location often gets overlooked once it's set up, but this report can significantly impact your PPC performance. It reveals the performance of different locations in terms of revenue and conversion rates. To find it, go to Reports > User > User Attributes > Demographic details and adjust the sorting to "Region." This report helps you:

Identify top-performing regions.

Optimize campaigns based on regional performance.

Don't underestimate the impact of location bid adjustments; they can make a big difference in your PPC performance.


While these reports don't necessarily need daily scrutiny, they provide invaluable insights when viewed monthly or quarterly. Google Ads has its own robust reporting features for day-to-day campaign optimization. However, by using these GA4 reports periodically, you gain a holistic view of your PPC performance. It's essential to step back from daily optimizations and consider how PPC fits into your overall channel performance. These reports, not originally designed for PPC, can be your secret weapon in making strategic improvements that supercharge your campaign performance. Embrace the change, explore these reports, and unlock the potential of GA4 for your PPC success.