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New Google Tools for Holiday Sales Success

New Google Tools for Holiday Sales Success

New Google Tools for Holiday Sales Success

Google is introducing a set of new features designed to help businesses enhance their sales potential during the holiday season. These tools include small business tags for improved discovery, AI-powered tools for creating product images, and expanded Knowledge Panel information.

Small Business Tags:
Google is now allowing small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) to identify themselves as such within the Merchant Center. This identification will result in them being tagged as small businesses when their listings appear in Google Search and Maps.

These small business tags will help highlight the businesses' size, potentially attracting more attention. Google acknowledges that 84% of people are keen to support local small businesses, and these tags can guide them in the right direction. Google will automatically apply the small business attribute to certain listings based on factors such as the number of products offered, the number of locations, and web traffic. Additionally, Google is partnering with Etsy to include eligible sellers. Larger businesses may theoretically add the tag, but this could lead to potential repercussions.

Google New Tools For The Holiday Season

AI Product Studio Tools:

Google is expanding the availability of its AI Product Studio tools, offering new ways to generate product images using generative AI tools. This feature can be particularly useful during the holiday season, allowing businesses to add seasonal backgrounds to their photos.

These new tools will be accessible to all Merchant Center Next users
Holiday AI Background

Knowledge Panel Updates:

Google is updating its Knowledge Panel listings to provide more information about retailers, including current deals, shipping and return policies, customer service details, and ratings and reviews. This additional information can be a valuable way to raise awareness of relevant offers and drive more traffic to your site.

 Furthermore, the Knowledge Panel will now be displayed for more merchants across Google's apps. The data for the Knowledge Panel will be sourced from the Merchant Center and other web-based information.

These updates offer valuable opportunities for businesses during the holiday season, and with Google being the go-to platform for most web searches, it's advisable to update your information to make the most of these new features.