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The Secrets of Instagram Growth - Best Strategies

The Secrets of Instagram Growth - Best Strategies

Brief Description

Growing an Instagram account is challenging, and this eBook will help you make your content discovered by potential people, to achieve the results you desire. It's dedicated to every single person willing to grow their account for both personal and business use.

  • A message from Elie: “I started using the platform for personal use, like everyone else: sharing personal photos and videos; until I started using Instagram more for Business, discovering all its amazing features, and using them to reach the right people, increase engagement, and drive more sales. This eBook shares my knowledge and experience of going deeply into Instagram's best practices to help everyone reach their GOALS.”

Topics to be covered

Module 1

  • Having an Instagram strategy, matters.
  • How Instagram algorithm works.
  • Setup your Business account.

Module 2

  • The look & feel- First impression.
  • Story Highlights - Best practices.
  • Profile Theme Options

Module 3

  • Best time to post.
  • Photos - Give them some value.
  • Videos - Let the emotions roll!
  • Carousel Usage - a must.
  • IGTV - What, when and why.

Module 4

  • How often to post on Stories.
  • Best time to share Stories.
  • What to Share in Stories?
  • Instagram Stories for Business.
  • Tracking & Measurement

Module 5

  • How to choose your hashtags.
  • Hashtags vs. Number of Followers.
  • Hashtags in Stories.

Module 6