Full Digital Marketing A-Z Practical Training Course

Full Digital Marketing A-Z Practical Training Course

45 hours practical program

The Intoact’s Full Digital Marketing A-Z course will guide you to the latest best practices in Digital Marketing, equip you with competitive insights to stay ahead and make the most of the online platforms to increase sales and revenue. The program covers the A to Z in digital marketing that will help you grow your business online, find a job easily. Through hands-on exercises, 45 hours over 2 months of live sessions and support, this program is specifically tailored for those who are aspiring to have a strong base of knowledge and applied practices in social media and digital marketing. 
Our program is an opportunity to gain the knowledge and necessary skills in order to launch and run digital marketing campaigns using the latest digital marketing activities. 

Early Bird Price: 3,500 AED before Thursday, May 27, 2021
Regular Price: 4,350 AED 

Here are the topics to be covered in our Full Digital Marketing practical course, happening online every Monday & Wednesday on Zoom.

Topics to be covered

Module 1

  • Create a digital marketing strategy
  • Writing a Digital Marketing plan
  • Plan the online marketing budget 
  • Learn how to write a professional social media management proposal 

Module 2

  • Content Marketing Strategy
  • Prepare an effective social media content calendar
  • Create online posts with or without design skills
  • Optimize the designs and visuals for social media
  • Posting strategy
  • Content creation tips & tools
  • Case studies and live examples
Module 2

Module 3

  • Facebook Business Pages
  • Marketing & Ads to get more sales
  • Content & Ads Strategy that suits online shops
  • Create the best designs for your products using online tools
  • Instagram Content & Ads
  • Create your Instagram shop and link it to the website
  • Create Remarketing campaigns to target your database and the website visitors
  • Tips & Tools including the best time to post online, online tools for content creation, posting and analytics
Module 3

Module 4

  • Marketing & Ads to get more sales
  • LinkedIn Pages
  • B2B & B2C Marketing Strategies on LinkedIn
  • Lead generation Campaigns from LinkedIn
  • Personalized ad messages on LinkedIn
  • Tips & Tools including the best time to post online, online tools for content creation, posting and analytics
Module 4

Module 5

  • An introduction to YouTube policies & guidelines
  • How to optimize YouTube channels and videos for the search engine
  • How to run YouTube monetization and earn money 
  • Engage users by adding different elements to the video
  • Creating Your Own YouTube Channel
  • Marketing & Ads to get more views
  • Advanced tips and tricks to improve your YouTube Channel
Module 5

Module 6

  • Twitter Business Pages
  • Marketing & Ads to get followers
  • Develop a Twitter Marketing growth strategy that will drive your business forward
  • Tweets to get more followers, retweets, traffic, and sales
  • Understand the Twitter algorithm to take the right decisions
  • TikTok for Business
Module 6

Module 7

  • eCommerce Introduction
  • Building a successful website
  • Case studies
  • Hands-on practices

Module 8

  • How search engines work
  • Keyword research strategy & tips
  • How to improve the website ranking on the search engines
  • Content Development using the Keyword strategy
  • Create an SEO-friendly website
  • Register the location on Google Search & Google Maps
  • Inbound Links
  • SEO & Blogging
  • SEO Tools
  • Case studies and hands-on practices

Module 9

  • Understanding the dashboard
  • Creating effective Google Ads campaigns
    (Search, Display, YouTube & Shopping Ads)
  • Keywords best practices
  • Bidding and budget allocation
  • Reporting & Conversion tracking
  • Hands-on practices
Module 9

Module 10

  • Setting up the platform to analyze the website traffic
  • Understanding the Analytics Dashboard
  • Audience Insights
  • Traffic Source - Where visitors came from
  • Calculate the ROI of every traffic source
  • Analytics Reporting – Decision making
  • Setting up Goals & Conversions
  • Measuring your Site’s ROI (Return on Investment) - Tracking the Conversions
Module 10

Module 11

  • Sending sales driven and professional newsletters 
  • Import you email contacts to MailChimp   
  • Create a responsive template for your email 
  • Email design guidance
  • Schedule a campaign ahead of time 
  • Target your email database on the social media channels 
  • Newsletter Reports
Module 11

Module 12

  • Explaining the project brief and process 
  • A Project covering strategic thinking, creating a social media and digital marketing plan
  • Social Media content, ads, online activities and plans 


  • Generate more traffic, leads & sales
  • Reach the right target audience for your market and industry
  • Set a rewarding strategy to increase the Return on investment (ROI)
  • Become a Pioneer Marketer


  • A Certificate of Completion
  • Top scheduling social media and digital tools
  • Free stock photos websites
  • Viral Marketing case studies
  • Successful Social Media campaigns
  • Social Media Ads e-books
  • Google Adwords supportive materials
  • Content creation materials & tools
  • Useful online tools & templates
  • SEO keyword research & structure

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Digital Marketing Boot Camp Testimonial

It was a great pleasure having you through 6 days, walking together step by step to learn the strategies, tricks, and tools and reach the most advanced methods of Social Media and Digital Marketing.

Success Stories

The training was great, very helpful and a lot of hands-on. It's very useful for anyone planning to start a career as a freelancer or digital marketing or to add a certification to its own career. Sylva Abi Hanna Sales & Marketing | Business Owner
Very beneficial. I would recommend it to anyone who is considering starting his/her own business. Social Media has a world on its own definitely worth the hours and pay. I appreciate it! Even if you think you are slow, the instructors are more than patient and will guide you through it all! Thank you Elie and Elvis, much love. Alexy Jean Salloum Graphic Designer
It was an amazing training, very beneficial! Elie & Elvis are really friendly and are too patient :) I think I can run my own business now; thanks to you both :) Pamela Fahed Marketing Executive, Gulbenk Trading Co.
We enjoyed the training, it was very beneficial and we received a lot of important information that for sure will help us in our future career. The presenter Elie Sarkis was very helpful and professional where he gave us the infos in the best and smooth way. Elie Rahme Managing Director, Glow First
Loved the digital marketing training! so interesting! Looking forward for other trainings! And the training with Elie Sarkis is very motivational! Lea Njeim Creative Director, Social Media Management
Smooth training, great teacher (Elie Sarkis). A lot of information explained in an easy way. Elie Hanna Managing Partner, Glow First
Perfect training sessions. A lot of info and details. Interesting digital marketing course. Hala El Hajj Charge Marketing Operationnel
Very helpful course, learned a lot about how I will be able to manage my own social media accounts instead of investing in it with an agency to have it done for me. A great service, great people, loved it. Will definitely join another. Christy Samaha Social Media Executive
Elie Sarkis is so helpful and is simply a Master. Thank you :) Sabella Bassil Graphic Design & Website Content Specialist, Alfa Telecommunications
Got so many insights, my favorite part was the website links shared for our use and the digital marketing tips & tricks. Stephanie Doueihi Marketing Manager, HiCart.com
It was a very interesting Digital Marketing training, Elie is very knowledgeable, but we need a lot of practice to implement all the notions we crossed. Manal Dana Head of Marketing, Achour Holding
Amazing Digital Marketing training program :) Daniel Malaeb Publisher Relationship Manager, Maddict
Very innovative and professional approach to the social media education. I would recommend this training to any digital marketer who aims to take their online presence to the next level. Peter Bejjani Digital Marketing Manager, Bejjani Co.
It was a very useful Digital Marketing workshop in a lovely generous environment with a very helpful instructor and partner, thank you so much for this experience! Nicole Azouri Marketing Executive, AMS
Very good experience! I learned so much in just 2 days of training. I recommend this Digital Marketing course for everyone who wants to improve and have more influence on others. Sarah Adaimy Graphic Designer
Very interesting and useful training course. It connected all the dots providing us with a complete understanding of digital marketing components. Stephanie Azarian Marketing Manager, Everteam
It was a great photoshop training, friendly and very professional team. Layal Lteif Housing Loan Consultant, Phoenicia Real Estate
It was a great photoshop and illustrator training program! Very professional team Carol Kawerkian Student
What I liked the most about the Communication training was the practical part. The team has Smart tactics and is very educated. Cosette Abou Ghazaleh Managing Partner, Speedlight
Thank you Intoact for a very informative Facebook Marketing workshop. Elie Sarkis communicates clearly and effectively, and is very helpful and approachable. The presentation is very clear, well-structured, and easy to understand. I highly recommend their services. Peggy Bouchedid Client Services Manager, LeProfin
It was a good digital marketing training. Thank you! Georges Hourany Owner, Hourany Services 
When I began researching social media and digital marketing workshops, I had no idea I would meet such a professional, thoughtful, and genuine instructor. I really enjoyed our sessions because Mr. Elie Sarkis truly personalized the course for the group needs and target areas. The case studies exercises added a plus to the course and helped us understand the core of the workshop by practicing all its related aspects. Moreover the material and references communicated were very resourceful and useful. I would recommend this type of workshop for anyone who is looking to improve his digital and marketing skills and looking forward to signing up again for other detailed targeted workshops. Keep on the good work! Simona El Khoury Graphic Design Instructor, NDU
“Attended the Digital Marketing training. Amazing atmosphere - Professional setting.” Joe Daccache Corporate Sales
“I really enjoyed the Digital Marketing training. It was very taught. Very interesting & covered all the topics that are important to make us ready to start our new career” Zeina Zeidan Marketing Executive, Mercedez Benz
“ So glad I took the digital marekting course. Got all the questions that I'm searching for and more ” Rose-Mary Keyrouz Freelancer
“ This digital marketing training was very informative and up to my expectations; Elie is patient and is always helpful with any question we might have. ” Christelle Khraish Graphic Designer, SABIS
“ Such a professional team! Very useful and practical information in the growing trend of the digital marketing. ” Shoghig Anserlian Marketing Manager, Ets. H. Atamian