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International Certifications

If you're going to be a better marketeer, you need the tools, courses and trainings that are globally recognized.

At Intoact International, our full digital marketing course and bootcamps are accredited by DMI, the Digital Marketing Institute. Therefore, anyone completing these practical courses can become a Certified Digital Marketing Associate (CDMA). Moreover, all of our training programs are attested by KHDA, the Knowledge and Human Development Authority in Dubai.

Professionals that add the CDMA certification to their profile can:

  • Improve marketing career prospects
  • Earn a higher salary
  • Go for a promotion
  • Go for a new role
  • Start a new career in digital marketing
  • Lead a team of digital marketer
  • Grow any business online

Get to know more about our partners:

International Partner – Digital Marketing Institute DMI

The Digital Marketing Institute Certification is the largest, single global certification standard in digital marketing.
If you want to get in and get on in digital marketing today and make an impact tomorrow, the Digital Marketing Institute is the modern network you need to be part of.
With more graduates than any other certification body, the DMI holds the global authority on digital marketing and selling capabilities. By working with a network of carefully selected Subject Matter Experts globally, the DMI’s dedicated product team produces certifications that make a difference which serve to empower both businesses and professionals with the skills, confidence, and industry know-how to stay relevant.
DMI’s Digital Marketing Certification offers the skills, confidence, and industry know-how to stay relevant in an ever-changing world.

The Digital Marketing Institute revels in the transformative effect relevant knowledge can have on everyone.
     • 41,000+ Members Worldwide
     • 120+ Education partners in over 100 countries
     • 5,200 test centers available in over 175 countries
     • 1 Global Standard
     • Certifications Exams in 1,600 cities

This Certification is recognized, secure, and stands up to scrutiny by any employer, manager, or HR professional globally.
Percentage of the Certified graduate members are currently employed
Percentage received a positive impact on their career
Percentage were promoted after earning their Certification
Percentage are working at senior or management level
Percentage received a Pay Raise

How this International Certification in Digital Marketing can impact your career
Your DMI digital marketing training with a global certificate:
     • Gives you the skills you need to speak loud and clear to the right audiences
     • Helps you to make the move to a rewarding digital career in just 2 months with a Professional Certifcation in Diital Marketing
     • Aligns with other qualification frameworks across the globe
     • Builds on your existing marketing experience to upgrade skills by providing a solid foundation in digital

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is the main regulatory government entity in Dubai, responsible of approving, supervising and controlling the activities of various education providers including Schools, Universities and Training Centers in the country.

The Knowledge and Human Development Authority is the educational quality assurance and regulatory authority of the Government of Dubai, United Arab Emirates. It oversees the private education sector in Dubai, including early childhood education centers, schools, higher education providers, and training institutes.

The KHDA certificate is a valuable document that certifies the academic excellence and competency of the student in a particular subject or course. It is a document of accomplishment and one that can be used to apply for jobs, internships, and scholarships.
Having a KHDA certificate of completion from Intoact International is an official mark that will make you more confident in the quality confirmed and approved training institute and the course you chose.

Intoact International's courses are fully approved by the KHDA authority; to know more about it: https://khda.gov.ae/en/


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