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Terms Conditions

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Intoact Terms and Conditions

1. Subject matter, conclusion
1.1 These general terms and conditions of business apply for all training and certification programs delivered by Intoact International FZCO.
1.2 Terms and conditions of business for those enrolling in our training programs or receiving training or taking a certification examination (subsequently referred to as participant) apply, even if not explicitly stated by Intoact. The terms and conditions presented in this document also apply if Intoact knowingly renders services due that are in conflict with the participant’s terms and conditions of business.
1.3 Participants must register to take part in Intoact trainings or certification exams. Registration consists of filling out a form online that is provided by Intoact. Registration also includes selecting the training course the participant intends to attend or the respective certification exam. The current Intoact website provides a list of online training courses and training services offered by Intoact.

2. Training and Online Courses
2.1 Intoact is responsible for conducting training or for contracting a third party to conduct training and is free to choose any consultant for such purposes. Intoact is entitled to transfer the duties of the mentioned materials on the website to a third party to perform and to change the contents of training sessions as long as the objective of the training is not compromised.
Intoact may cancel trainings, change the date or time of the trainings or designate the training location with advance notice.
2.2 Intoact is responsible to deliver the course content and materials based on the course chosen and bought by the client.
The applicant will receive from Intoact access to the course and its materials by email or they will be redirected to a third party website where the participant will complete all the learning.
2.3 Intoact will make every effort to provide the participant with all important knowledge during training sessions, as per the training plan and the current training documents.
2.4 The dates and location of the trainings are set and fixed on the website. Should there be any changes, the participant will be informed ahead of time.
2.5 Once registered, a participant cannot transfer their registration from one course to the next upcoming course.
2.6 If a student took a short course and chose to take the full course afterwards, it does not reduce the total amount of the full course.
2.7 Once registered, the participant cannot change courses. For example, a participant cannot take the full course and then change their mind and take one of the short courses instead.
2.8 If the participant leaves the practices and sessions until later and is not able to complete the course on time, we are not able to extend their registration. Therefore, we recommend that participants stay up to date with the quizzes and practices and keep a good pace with how the course is structured.

 3. Certification & Final Project 
This section is applicable for the courses that include a Certification or a Final Project.
3.1. The use of any aids besides the training software is forbidden during the certification examination. If the participant uses any other software, data, documents or persons, the examination will be stopped and the participant will not pass. The participant must pay in advance the full certification fee.
3.2 Within 24 hours after completing the final project, Intoact will inform the participant of the examination results.
3.3 The participant will receive the KHDA attestation within 2 weeks of completing the final project.
3.4 The participant will receive the CDMA certification within 3 weeks of completing the final project.

4. Postponement or Cancellation
4.1 Intoact is entitled to postpone or cancel the course if excess or insufficient registration cannot guarantee proper or economically feasible training or certification. Intoact is also entitled to postpone the course due to instructor illness, technical reasons, or other reasons beyond Intoact’s control.
4.2 Before exercising this right to cancellation or postponement, Intoact will make every effort to reschedule the training or certification examination with the participant's consent. In case of rescheduling, the course will still be in effect, and the dates will be amended with the consent of both parties. If the parties cannot agree on the amendment, any fees paid by the customer will be reimbursed.
4.3 If the participant is unable to attend, the customer is entitled to designate another representative from his/her company to participate in the training or certification before the training begins. The client will incur no additional costs.
4.4 The participant cannot cancel their enrolment to our courses.

5. Right to training documents, software
5.1 All training documents are intended for the exclusive personal use of the participant.
5.2 The participant recognizes Intoact’s copyright and therefore the exclusive distribution rights and right of use of training documents and software.
5.3 Intoact gives the participant the single and non-transferable right to use the training documents and software for purposes stipulated in the privacy and policy section. The right to use training software is limited to the length of the training session or program and is automatically rescinded following completion of training. Intoact is not required to provide notice of this rescission.
5.4 The participant may only use the training software for the registered training program. Reproduction of the training software and documents, including but not limited to electronic processing, recording, duplication, modification, or distribution to third parties, is strictly prohibited. All embedded knowledge and teaching systems provided by Intoact to the participant on data storage media or made available on electronic networks are considered training documents.
5.5 No third party should have access to the participant’s access on the website or to the software the participant will learn on. The software is not retained in any form.
5.6 In addition, the participant recognizes all of Intoact’s brand, trademark, name, and patent rights to the Intoact website and software and related documents. The participant may not remove, modify, or render unrecognizable copyright or property rights indications.

6. Prohibited Conduct

Any of the following actions are strictly forbidden and could result in disciplinary measures, including expulsion from the Program:

  • Improper usage of the Intoact LMS platform

  • Enabling unauthorized access to an Intoact LMS platform student account

  • Unauthorized access to, viewing, copying, or sharing Intoact records, videos, and materials

  • Utilizing Intoact LMS for any unlawful purpose

  • Falsifying or altering legal, governmental, or Intoact-issued documents with the intent to deceive

  • Plagiarism, cheating, using unauthorized materials, or engaging in, accessing, or distributing confidential academic materials, including but not limited to videos, practice exercises, and supplementary materials

Breaching any Intoact policy will lead to disciplinary action, including but not limited to:

  • Dismissal from the program

  • Termination of certifications

  • Ban from future courses conducted by Intoact International

If any copyright infringement occurs concerning our training documents (videos, supportive materials, and everything else included within the LMS), the individuals will be met with legal action.

8. Confidentiality
8.1. The participant is obligated to keep confidential all business and company secrets made known to him/her during training or provided with the training programs and courses. This obligation is not limited to the training period or the access to the online materials granted. The participant may not share these with a third party or use them for his/her own purposes without written permission from Intoact.
8.2 The participant may not conduct any internal or external training or certification exams on Intoact products.

8. CDMA Terms & Conditions 
8.1 Throughout the course, you will be completing quizzes and practices. These practices are graded to help you keep track of your progress and keep you on the right path for the final project.
8.2 It is recommended that you complete these practices on time to be up-to-date and gain the expert trainer’s feedback in the live sessions.
8.3 At the end of the course, you will be working on a final project where you will be applying all your learnings throughout the course, ensuring all that you have learned, you are also able to apply.
8.4 Upon achieving a grade of 70/100 or over, you will pass the course and become a Certified Digital Marketing Associate.
8.5 The practices are graded to help you keep track of your progress and keep you on the right path for the final project.
8.6 If you get less than 70, you will still receive the KHDA attestation and Intoact Certificate of Completion.
8.7 If you achieve a grade of 70 or higher, you will receive the CDMA certification, KHDA attestation, and Intoact Certificate of Completion.
8.8 If a participant has taken the Full Digital Marketing Training course and wishes to earn the CDMA certification, we would require them to pay the difference and submit their final project.

9. Compensation and terms of payment 
9.1 For the public training programs, the costs covered by the participant will be as listed on the website. As for the private trainings, the costs covered will be in writing in the contract and will include additional sales tax as required by law. If the parties do not specify the amount of compensation, the Intoact price list in effect at the time of conclusion of the contract will apply.
9.2 All fees are due upon receipt of an invoice and must be paid in full.
9.3 For clients who purchase online courses, payment should be made upon registration and completed online via a secure payment portal.
9.4 Methods of payment include Bank Transfer, Money Transfer, Online Payment, and Cash
9.5 The payment can be settled in three instalments, with the final payment to be done before the start of the course.
9.6 One promotion at a time can be used to register to a course. Users can't benefit from different promotions at the same time. 
9.7 For those residing in the UAE or KSA, Tabby is an available form of payment over 4 settlements with Tabby for a totla of 5,000 AED, and the remaining amount to be paid through intoact Intoact International, as per Tabby's 5,000 limit per transaction. Tabby's payments follow their Terms and Conditions.
9.8 If you are a student, you are entitled with an additional 20% off on the early bird price or the course's original price. 
9.9 The 20% off student promotion will be subject to a lower percentage of 10% if you are using Tabby installments to complete the payment. 
9.10 No refund will be done after completing the payment for any online course or training program.