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Who We Are

One of the leading companies in the field of training and development equipped with the latest knowledge and expertise that will make the change you or your company are looking for, happen.
We deliver high quality practical and applied public, in-house, and online training programs and consultancy, that equip you with the necessary tools to develop yourself or your business.

At Intoact, we believe in the power of training. We know that people are the biggest asset. Thus, we use all our knowledge and experience to create effective training programs that inspire people with a new level of performance and enable their personal development and business ambitions.

Who We Are

Commitment to the highest quality

Our practical digital marketing and design courses feature a comprehensive set of techniques essential for driving profitable traffic to any web resource and creating award-winning ads. Ideal for business owners, marketers, freelancers, and anyone who would like to master the digital world.

Handling tricky conversations with customers or partners is crucial for business owners and executives. This is why our soft skills programs are tailored to enhance face-to-face and direct communication experience and increase your self-confidence.

Professional business training programs

Connecting tried-and-tested solutions with real-life challenges At Intoact, we offer an extensive business management skills training for students, graduates and working professionals who strive to improve their ability to communicate with the business community worldwide. Our results-oriented courses and workshops include Social Media Marketing, SEO & Google AdWords, Adobe (Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign), Business & Management, Communication Skills, Online & Digital Skills, and much more.
We guarantee the enthusiastic yet friendly team of trainers and innovative approach that will guide you every step of the way. Our focus is bringing out the best in our people.

Intoact's courses for business management and beyond

Whether you strive to craft an effective social media marketing strategy or promote your company online, our digital marketing course in Lebanon is developed to meet your expectations. From Facebook and Instagram to Twitter, YouTube and Google Plus, today any online community is at your fingertips to start converting prospects into raving fans. You can easily learn how to build and manage your target audience for improving your brand awareness on social media.

Exploring a variety of Adobe tools may be quite challenging without the guidance of an experienced trainer who knows what is necessary to create spectacular photo effects. We will help you to manipulate layers, practice some new techniques, and, thus, achieve photo-editing excellence.